To promote and perpetuate the legacy of classical piano performance through educational presentations by David Dubal and live performances by outstanding pianists. 


Course Goals

To offer a synoptic view of three centuries of piano literature, positioning it among the heights of human cultural achievement.

To unite the past with the present, delving into the history of piano works and the biographies of their composers to reveal what is urgent in them and relevant to today’s world.

To share the special, re-creative aspect of piano performance, bringing the music to life through fresh and original interpretations by distinguished musicians.

To create a space for cultural enrichment and aesthetic reflection; a site for collective learning through the dynamic exchange between teacher and student, performer and listener.

To target the music-loving community in the tri-state area, while also growing an audience for the piano by reaching out and exposing its powers of expression to those less familiar with the art form.

To provide a distinguished performance opportunity for guest pianists in a uniquely nurturing concert environment, with a world-class instrument and a supportive and attentive audience.